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Shelf Technology

Shelf Technology saves our customers both money and time through our optimum multi-site configuration allowing more die to be tested in a shorter time with a reduction in touchdowns.

  • Multi-site configuration

  • Uniform beam length optimizes control of balance contact force (BCF)

  • Minimum to no probe fan-out

  • Consistent small Inline probe scrub reduces yield loss

  • Option of 1x2, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, etc. for more efficient probe mapping


Innovation and experience in probe card assembly runs deep at Rucker Kolls. Not only does the Butterfly™ design provide a cost-effective solution for multi-DUT applications, but it has solved several problems inherent in Shelf- type probe cards.

  • Achieves higher yield with minimum expense

  • No need to change existing test equipment

  • Fewer probe tiers for better alignment and planarity

  • All scrub marks travel in same direction

  • Planarity and alignment do not drift after extended use

  • Options of 1x2, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, etc. for more efficient probe mapping

  • 60 micron pad pitch

  • Can be designed to use a generic PCB

  • Uniform beam length optimizes control of BCF

Butterfly-Quad-site-close_1 (1).jpg


Minimum Pad Pitch: 50um in-line, 35/70um staggered

Minimum Bond Bad:  <45um square

Electrical Specifications Measured on Probe Card Analyzer

  • Planarity and Alignment: +/-0.25 mils for flat pads

  • Contact Resistance Measured: <2 ohms at 25mA

  • Standard Leakage 10nA @ 5V

Probe Tip Depth: Probe depth is measured from probe tip to the bottom of the PCB 80-350 mils +/-5 mils. (This is dependent on temperature and probe layer count)

Balance Contact Force (BCF): 1.2 to 3.0 gm/mil of overdrive (Dependent on overall design of ring, pad pitch and pad size)

Tip Diameter:  +/-.2 mils

Tip Length:  +2/-1 mil

Edge Sensor:  2 wire, 2 wire isolated, 3 wire isolated

Edge Sensor Resistance:  1.0Ω max between the sensor probe and the switch

Probing Temperature:  Ambient up to 85º C, High Temp 86°- 150ºC, Ultra-High Temp 151-200C

Probe Material:

  • Tungsten

  • Rhenium Tungsten (RhTungsten)

  • Hardened Beryllium Copper (HBeCu)

  • Beryllium Copper (BeCu)

  • Paliney7™

  • Newtek™

PCB Design and Fabrication​

Printed Circuit Boards Materials:

  • High Temp FR4 (Polyclad 370)

  • Gtek™

  • Nelco High Performance (N4000-13)

  • Polyimide

  • Rogers™

  • Mixed Dielectrics

  • Flatness 5.0 mils per linear inch

BCF measurements available upon request

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