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Blades Technology is still used in many of today's applications and often used in high current/voltage applications.


Ceramic Blades

  • Used in sensitive high frequency measurement applications

  • Mechanical and electrical properties can achieve excellent results in low noise, low current, and high temp applications

  • Used for semiconductor, laser applications

Transmission Blades

  • Has an addition of a stripline transmission path which ensures the integrity of the signal

  • Decoupling components can be added to the signal path for electrical enhancements

Metal Blades

  • Still used in many of today’s small pin count applications

  • Are suitable for up to 100MHz

  • Used for semiconductor, hybrid circuit applications

Note: Part of why this parametric probing requirement works is the low leakage epoxy, special probes, layout of the probes, and proprietary cleaning solution along with how you handle the card.

Retract Blades


R&K is leading the way in building and testing the industries parametric probing requirements. Support from nano-amp to single digit femto-amp probecards are available for your specific testing requirements.

R&K is fully Keithley certified and also supports the Agilent platform for parametric testing

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