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About Us

Experience and Innovation 

Rucker and Kolls (R&K) is the original patent holder of the probe card and has been a leader in providing reliable test and repair equipment since 1968. Over thirty years of experience and innovation has been, and continues to be, a base for our deep knowledge and understanding of probe cards and equipment related requirements. Built upon this foundation of knowledge, Rucker and Kolls can provide you with the technical expertise for complicated testing requirements.

R&K, a Silicon Valley based corporation, is recognized in the semiconductor industry for its high quality ATE interfaces, superior application engineering support, fast turn times, and cost-effective test solutions.


Our dynamic and knowledgeable staff provides customer specific solutions tailored to individual testing applications. An in-house technical support team facilitates the production of complex documentation, assuring quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality and reliability.

At R&K we understand that the highest priority is the most accurate, high quality and long lasting products. R&K approaches the marketplace with a three-fold plan. First, is to listen to our customers, to understand your unique problems, concerns and issues. Second, we utilize current innovative techniques and build quality products utilizing ISO based processes. Lastly, a collaborative process of engaging with our customers, we continually refine and upgrade our manufacturing process to anticipate and prepare for future requirements.

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